Bob, drop, and win! In Unun.io you're attempting to bob your way down a pinnacle which is protected by arbitrary spike tiles and creeping with different players. Body check, crush, dash, and press your approach to triumph! You'll have to hone your elbows on the off chance that you wanna get to the base of this experience. Bounce through holes in the towers walkways, keep away from spikes, and endeavor to thump different players off. It sounds basic however it isn't, in truth it is absolute outlandish. You'l be made a decision about dependent on what number of floors you can effectively clear before you're at long last crushed. Furthermore, trust us: rout is inescapable. In this way, get low! Skip betteer, and bob with purpose. You'll unlovk new floors, push contradicting players into the profundities and open loads of new and fascinating skins. Yippee!

Left Mouse Button: Hold button down and move mouse to navigate your character. a- move left d- move right arrow right - move right arrow left - move left use special button to use special power