Terrorist Town

There is big trouble in Terrorist Town, or TTT for short, is like homicide puzzle whereby you should distinguish the double crosser who is threatening the town and murder them! Among the town, you have investigators with uncommon things to enable the honest people to survive. In any case, the criminologist does not know who the blameless people or backstabbers are! Confiding in blameless people can be exorbitant so you should be watchful. Swindlers should subtly, or not, kill all the rest of the honest people of the town inside as far as possible with assistance from other individual backstabbers. Backstabbers likewise have unique things to purchase, so keep your eyes peeled for them! The objective is to survive, can you?

WASD or Arrow keys to move Left Click to use item 12345 to select item and Q to drop item SPACE to dash or spectate another player B to open shop