Stompedio is a fun and challenging .io game where you'll have to grab as many stars as you can to amass points and try to jump on your opponents to stomp them. then again, the primary aspect isn't always to be trampled by yourself!

how to play: the principle challenge in Stomped Io is to collect the stars, occupy the pinnacle and stay on top. And preserve on top will need to be in the literal sense of the phrase. the primary way to get stars is to accumulate the ones which might be already at the map. the second manner – you need to leap on some other participant, and it will collapse into plenty of stars. so that you can not permit a person to land on you from above. Stomped io is an tremendous anti-pressure game with best layout, lovely stars and easy gameplay. proper for adults and children. it's far noteworthy that the principle venture to win is to accumulate stars, the extra, the better. And the stars sufficient without a combat. alternatively, you may cleanly combat and spot how a lot it brings you toward the management podium. The most reasonable tactic is to gather the celebrities, if essential, defending themselves from assault. control: The individual is managed by using mouse actions.