is a free dashing game. In you find a workable pace a custom track that you can modify it any way you need. At the point when you chose to play this free dashing game you have the chance to join a current race and play against outsiders, make your own room and welcome companions or to make your own track and welcome companions to contend on your tweaked track. The controls are very straightforward, you fundamentally quicken or balance. The genuine stunt of this game is attempting to explore a progression of specially crafted courses and prove to be the best with little information and huge stakes. This is a stage dashing match and dominating is as yet winning. Despite the fact that the game may appear to be straightforward from the start you will before long become familiar with the inconspicuous subtleties that make it a test. On the off chance that you feel the requirement for speed, need to welcome a few companions or adversaries into a race on either portable or work area or need to let your internal game planner turn out and make your own custom maps, this is the game for you. Play it presently, play it regularly, and play to win.

Use A or D, or the arrow pad to accelerate and balance. Enter the "create race" screen and follow the onscreen guide to draw your own platforms, add special bonuses and power-ups like springs or turbo boosts. You can also add spikes and turn arounds to make your custom levels even harder and more fun!