Shot Land is tank war game, where players battle for their survival in multiplayer mode. Pulverize adversaries, get new weapons and vanquish your enemies. Shot.Land game is a little like the Diep io game. Gather colored dots in the Shot Land io game to get mass. Devastate the huge circles to get points and get new weapons, firearms etc. At the point when your tank is sufficiently intense and you have a great deal of weapons, you can assault the foe's tanks and take their masses. When you shoot your projectiles ricochet and can get into you. Be cautious. You can discover transports for rapidly exploring the guide. Along these lines, play this shooting diversion right now with your companion.

WASD or Arrow keys = move left mouse click = shoot scroll or 1/9 keys = change weapon R = reload F = shield Q = minimap M = open or close minimap C = open or close chat Q = spectacle