Hands up, this is Reyd! is a pixel-bit style RPG diversion where you pick a character, class, and race and after that take on a dreamland loaded up with different players, side missions and various methods of play. Youy'll have the capacity to gather things, gold, and different assets which you can use to update your dream character, yet additionally the longe you play the more you'll open the capacity to redo your player with various protections, skins, hair hues, eyes and a wide range of stuff. This is a swashbuckling, sword swinging experience yet additionally a long haul key RPG whee you will test your should as your minds against multitudes of imagination animals and even different players. Play in three unique modes and prevail at all of them! Will you be an oafish Orc, an exquisite Elf, or an unassuming human? Would you be able to overcome the murkiness and cast out the undead swarms of villainry as they spring up? Get a sword, a shield, and discover now! You might be unpracticed however everything necessary is a bit of crushing to level in the realm of

Strategy -Stay near allies, some abilities help defend or improve allies strengths and defenses- -Tank bosses away from ranged allies -Heal allies to improve endurance -Kite weaker enemies away from bosses

WASD - Move Mouse - Aim Left Click - Attack Right Click - Dash QE1234 - Abilities