Get strapped in this outrageous racer: paper style. Try not to let the hand drawn illustrations trick you, this hustling game has much more in the engine than most. Paper Racer highlights custom tracks planned by different players from around the globe, it likewise gives you the choice to construct, overhaul and offer your very own custom tracks. You can race on a large number of tracks which are drawn by different players inside the amusement! Most dashing diversions stick you in a static, stock vehicle, yet not Paper Racer. In Paper Racer you can modify everything! Play alone, against the PC or clash with a companion on one of the a large number of client created race tracks. Regardless of whether you choose to play crusade, solo, or test a friend Paper Racer genuinely has all that you would ever need in a racing game

Features: - 6 different vehicles, including monster truck, motor cycle, and Race Car. - Teleporters, guns, changes in gravity! - Cartoon animation - Over 100 campaign tracks in various environments and locations - Play against people all over the world - The ability to draw your own tracks and vehicles, which can be shared with other players

Up Arrow: Acceleration. Basically a gas button that moves you forward. Down Arrow: This functions as a brake which stops you almost as soon as you engage it. Left Arrow: Use this to tilt your Paper Racer to the left. Right Arrow: Use this to tilt your Paper Racer to the right. Z Key: Use this Key to change the facing of your Paper Racer and turn around. Space Bar: The Space bar key serves the same function as the Z key. Enter Key: The Enter Key Allows Paper Racer players to re-start from their latest check point. Backspace - The Back Space button allows Paper Racers to restart from the previous checkpoint WASD -In Paper Racer, the W,A,S,D Keys serve the same function as the Arrow Controls.