You are alloted a shape, you are given a color yet the domain you overcome and the territory you control is all up to you! In 2 you will play against a field loaded with different players who have a similar objective as you: take over however much region as could be expected without getting got! So as to overwhelm the field you should basically explore your shape to shut circles and work down a mass of your shading. The greater you get the more you'll need to extend your domain by infringing on the region of different players! Spill your tint into their territory or strike down their shape as they brush the guide. Yet, watch the royal position! The more dominant you become the more focused on you will be. The player at the highest point of the pioneer board gets a crown yet additionally an objective on their back! Substantial is the head in reality.

Hold down the left mouse button and use your mouse to drag a line, loop, circle, or blob that coses up against your starting point. The game will fill this in with your pre-selected pastel color. Continue doing this until you have conquered the majority of the board. Beware! Other players can over take your shapes and they can also kill you by crossing over your line while you're painting and before the shape is complete. Become the ultimate masteer of 2 and paint the town pastel!