Tips: Free Gems in Cooking Fever + Tips

Lately I was in a gutter playing Cooking Fever. Thanks to the YUYA who was recommending the game in one of their last videos, I decided to download it and I passed HORASS, I tell them HOURS trying to pass the 40 levels of the first restaurant. Already a moment, I had to stop because I had run out of Gems and desperate, I was looking for a solution that was not paying to get more.

Has it happened to you?

Sure some know about several tricks, maybe not others. If you are part of the others, then, I have the solution!

How to get Gems for free?

One of the tricks I most wanted was this, since the coins are easy to win, but the whole blessed game asks you for gems for even a miserable juice improvement. Well, enough of that =).

I recommend that before playing a new restaurant, first have at least 300 gems, and just enter them, after the first level, you're going to improve the whole kitchen, to avoid rust. How can you get them? Easy.

  • Close the game
  • Place the phone or tablet in airplane mode or turn off the WIFI of the device you use to play.
  • Enter settings> Date and Time. > Move the date one day and skip settings.

You must receive a notification from Cooking Fever mod apk where you are asked to collect your daily quota. Once you enter the game, you will get a notification of coin collection, also, it will warn you that on the 7th day, you start to give 2 gems, from now on. Something like this image.

If this does not appear or you do not receive the daily reward notification, do not despair, just leave the game again and change the date again (STILL WITHOUT ACTIVATING THE WIFI). So until when you enter the game, it appears.

REMEMBER that they start giving you 2 gems + coins, once you reach the seventh day "playing" (in our case, moving the date). Once you collect your quota for the day, skip again and move the date again, so that the pickup notification appears again. They will NOT prevent you from collecting your gems daily. Well it is better to do this without Wi-Fi, so that it works normally, because if you activate it, the game and the device will ask you to change the date, to the current one.


Improves kitchen machines

The money that you earn in each level is accumulated in cash. You can spend it on improving the kitchen machines, the ingredients or the premises. First you must start with the machines and the kitchen equipment. It is essential that you give the jump to produce two portions in each of them.

Do not pass level, until you get the 3 gems.

Do not go to the next level until you get the maximum score in each of them. If you are getting all 3 stars, you will earn more money, which you will invest in improving machines and waiting times, making the next levels better. If you choose to move on from this advice and move on, you will find levels that are increasingly difficult and without money to face them with guarantees. So do like me, be stubborn and do not go to the next level until you have three stars.

Identify the problem at each level

One thing that not everyone notices is that the levels are not random. If you repeat a level, the clients arrive and ask for the same, in exactly the same order. That helps you because you know what things you had problems in. Did you have many customers waiting for a hamburger? Focus on never stopping the production of hamburgers, paying less attention to the rest of the products. In short, identify the bottleneck and make sure that the related machines are running at full power, without stopping at any time. If you still do not get the 3 stars then you know that you should improve the machines that cook that product to increase the portions and reduce the cooking time.

Earn time with collections

Until you collect the money from a sale cannot come another customer to ask. If you see yourself overwhelmed you can stop collecting the money for a few seconds. But do not abuse either. There is a time limit in each level. If you take too long you will see that the screen darkens and the level is finished, which will lose the last customers.