is a 2D multiplayer shooter. You are a Ninja warrior with an assorted variety of weapons available to you. Utilize your moves and weapons to the best of your capacity to vanquish alternate players. Fights occur in a regularly developing decent variety of maps. Players and different items are subjected to the laws of material science, making each slaughter and each activity really novel. Step by step instructions to Play You can play either as visitor or as enrolled client. The game monitors the accomplishments of enrolled clients. presently has 2 game modes: Capture the Flag and Deathmatch. In Deathmatch, each player battles against alternate players. The principal player to accomplish the required number of kills will win the match. In Capture the Flag, you and your team must capture the enemy flag and return it to your flag. The first team to capture 3 flags will win the match. Press 'H' in game to show the assistance menu containing all the console directions/controls. What's more, you can switch among Azerty and Qwerty console and quieten the sound. Strategy Attempt to utilize the laws of material science further bolstering your good fortune! Shooting down from a situation over your foe will build the vitality of your shots, making them more deadly. Gravity harms! Explosives, RPG rockets and different shots can be redirected by coordinate hits. Look for cover behind items and boundaries, yet remember that the shockwave of blasts can go through numerous snags. Go for the head! Coordinate hits on particular body parts like the head or middle will accomplish more harm than hits on appendages. Utilize teleportation entryways, moving stages and trampolines further bolstering your good fortune. Most importantly, monitor new improvements! is a work in advance.