Mopeio New io Game animals Start as a tiny mouse, and forage the woods for berries. game by Eat from the berry bushes to gain experience points, and make sure to drink from the water spots to stay hydrated. As you eat more and more, you will progress up the food chain. You pretty much evolve into a new, more powerful animal every time you gain enough XP. The more powerful you become, the more players you can attack! Play Deeeepio

Eat Foot or Players to Grow , drink water to stay alive Climb the food chain by hunting other animals in this epic survival game! These are the Controls for Your animal always follows the cursor. Hold Left Click to Run (Uses water). Press Enter to chat. Hold Right Click or W key to dive into a body of water. (With Rhino) Press W to charge in a straight direction; does 2X damage then normal.Play io Games