Microgravity is a superb .io game in which you will fight in space against different players while endeavoring to make new human civilizations on various planets. You have to gather assets and fabricate urban communities while keeping your free market activity levels beneficial to keep a solid province. As you advance further you can construct manufacturing plants that will arm your kin with weapons and hardware. Every planet they you travel too has its very own gravitational field that will pull towards the inside. Bounce and land into the air to remain nearby to the surface. Construct and make due for whatever length of time that you can.

How to Play Microgravity Collect resources from asteroids and mines. Build cities to supply labor to man factories and mines. Build factories to collect unique weapons. Join alliances to conquer other planets. Watch out for planets' limited resources.

Microgravity Controls Move: W, A, S, and D or arrow keys Aim: Mouse Fire: Left click or Space Boost: Shift Chat: T or Enter Select Weapon: Q and E Directional Thrust: Right Click Directional Reverse: Middle Click Toggle Alliance: R