High IQ Battle Royale

High IQ Battle Royale is a fighting game where players must discover things to fend off different players to be the last one standing. Players all beginning of with only a pickaxe that they should use to break cases and get things from. The players can utilize these things to wipe out different players, recuperate themselves, or to include more uses in the things. They can likewise construct wooden dividers they get from the wood of wrecked trees to ensure themselves. There is likewise a tempest they should maintain a strategic distance from that contracts like clockwork and goes on for 30 seconds. This mean the players ensure they endure, battle, and move to be the last one standing. On the off chance that a player wins, the get more IQ, which can be utilized for skins a different things.

Controls: Arrows or WASD - Move Q - Quick-Switch to Pickaxe E - Pick up item G - Drop item Numbers - Pick item Left Click - Use item Right Click - Use Scope on item or build with Pickaxe equipped H - Show Help & Controls