Here is a really great 2D shooter where you will probably eradicate everything! Play through numerous interesting dimensions and purchase upgrades, set your loadout, and go into the fight. There are a wide range of weapons to make interactivity all the more intriguing, and you can even go into a fight with no weapon. To protect against adversaries, you can purchase reinforcement in the shop. You can wear one head protector and one middle thing. Extermination.io additionally accompanies a full-highlighted level supervisor, with the goal that you can make and transfer your very own dimensions for other individuals to play. In this iogame, it is vital to deal with your cash. On the off chance that you kick the bucket, you will lose a lot of your cash, so you should purchase things when you have the shot. Also, there are ground-breaking weapons in the diversion, yet they're all pointless in the event that you have no insurance. It is essential to know how much protection you require with the goal that you can utilize whatever is left of your cash purchasing cool weapons.

To move, use WASD or the arrow keys. Use SPACE to pick up weapons as you go. You can aim using the mouse and shoot with left-click.