Get ready to play the most outrageous game including rubber duckies you will ever play – is a water slide hustling test system with high speeds, insane bounces and the cutest racers known to man. Follow the course of the slide, hop off and land further down to overwhelm others and become the primary duck to arrive at the bath. Set in a comfortable washroom, this game is definitely not comfortable: many yellow ducks constrained by genuine players are attempting to arrive at the end goal of a monster (moderately) track suspended in mid-air that prompts the last goal – the heavenly bath. Your main responsibility is to follow the track's exciting bends in the road, abstain from tumbling down on the floor tiles and take off now and again to arrive on a lower level.

Use mouse, WSAD or bolt keys to control. Watch out for speed supporters showed by green bolts and violet obstructions that can back you off in the event that you hit them. Play a speedy game and become the quickest ducky on the planet!