Dinosaurgame.io is a fascinating and fun quick paced, perpetual running, and arcade computer game, made by Cocos Creator. The game conveys you to an interminable desert, an adorable dinosaur and risky prickly plants. In this game, you control the dinosaur (you will run naturally), your main goal is to keep running beyond what many would consider possible and get the first rank on the leaderboard. When you start out, you can enter your name. You will then press the up arrow key to begin the game. Your dinosaur will run naturally and you can simply utilize the up key to enable it to hop up. The desert plants are deterrents for you in this energizing game. You need to watch the screen painstakingly and keep away from them. In the event that you contact a desert flora, you lose instantly. Note that the desert flora will have diverse shapes. A few desert flora will be little while some extraordinary prickly plant will be vast. Additionally, you likewise need to focus on the separation among you and the desert flora. Strikingly, you will see the shadows of other online players that are playing this amusement with you. Good fortunes and have a ton of fun.