Is it true that you are tired of the tycoon young men club having the imposing business model on privatizing the space race? Have you at any point needed to construct your very own rocket organization and pitch visits to the stars? All things considered, presently you can! In Dangerous Space Flight you will take order of an organization competing with different players to fabricate a rocket, draw in a crowd of people, auction tickets and BLAST! You'll have to make some cash so as to update your ship and make it more secure and travel more distant. So as to profit you'll need to rival different players who are building their own rockets. Utilize the cash you make from ticket deals to redesign your fuselage, thrusts, fuel supply, and accommodations. The better your rocket and the more places you can go then the more potential travelers you will pull in. The more travelers the more cash, etc, etc. In any case, be careful! The hurry to beat your adversaries to investigating the stars may imply that you manufacture a broken rocket that winds up slamming. When you crash you will drive off potential speculators and clients which will at that point detrimentally affect your main concern. There are numerous variables which must be considered as you update and catalyst your ship. Your definitive objective isn't simply to investigate the stars however to overcome the different players by moving up the pioneer board. It is a problematic adventure which will abandon you powerless against failures to fire, crashes, and harm.