is fight between players on an island with different weapons: a blade, a pistol, a shotgun, a double-barrel, a tommy gun, an automatic weapon, a projectile launcher, a rocket launcher, a gun, a marksman rifle and a laser. Players use walls (based on RMB) to secure themselves anyplace. On the island there are numerous hazardous barrels that tear separated all who were adjacent. Players plummet to the island by parachute and scan for weapons, and after that they demonstrate who is the best. Furthermore, who is the best is controlled by the equation: Damage done * Kills/Deaths + Victim aptitude * Magic for the fight to come. Throughout a fight, if a player satisfies various conditions, he can pick up accomplishments: a butcher, killer, exterminator, seeker, executioner, ninja, veteran, warrior, expert rifleman, and legend. And furthermore get new skins for opened accomplishments.