Crazy Jump is a fun, quick and simple iogame that can be played by any individual who likes to crush! Utilize your mouse to coordinate your sticky individual and after that left snap to bounce up and crush down. Send shockwaves undulating out around you and get greater and all the more dominant the all the more contradicting players you thump down. Eventually, you'll need to push adversaries off the edge of a precipice or utilize your shockwaves to vibrate them off the edge. Run, bounce, and crush your approach to triumph in this exquisite and connecting with field battler. Insane Jump is a quick paced MMO that gives you a chance to crush different players off a bluff and into forever. You can get huge and command the field by out reasoning and out playing different players. Test your strength against the iron will of thousands of different players. Advertisements the field goes into disrepair around you do you have the stuff to out play, and endure?