Astrario is New .io Game Fly your spaceship and combat other players in this space-shooter. Mine resources from asteroids and upgrade your ship.

On the computer: use WASD or the arrow-keys to fly in any direction. aim with the mouse and press the left mouse-button to shoot some ships have special abilities that can be activated with either pressing or holding the right mouse-button On a mobile device: (currently not supported) use the control-sticks on the screen to move and shoot press the special button to use your ship's special ability On all devices: you can upgrade your ship when the resource-bar(1) is full upgrade to a better ship using the ship-upgrades(2) in the top-left corner you can also upgrade your ship's properties at the upgrade-field(3) in the bottom-left corner Tips crashing into asteroids causes damage avoid players that are stronger than you - you will most likely lose the fight when mining asteroids, try to be as close to the asteroid as possible if you die and respawn, you will keep half your resources strong ship-classes are also accelerating slower